Arcline 2000 Trucking Dispatch Mobile App for Drivers

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ArcTrac™ Trucking Dispatch Mobile App for Drivers ArcTrac™ Trucking Dispatch Mobile App for Drivers


For Smartphones and Tablets - Ios and Android

The Arcline Driver App - The driver dispatch communication center between the ArcFleet™ Software System and drivers.

Features List

  • Driver login function for drivers to view assigned trips
  • Real-time updates to load data, keeping drivers in the loop
  • Check-In & Check-Out of Pick & Drop Locations
  • Pick and drop locations link to online mapping functions for accurate directions and navigation
  • Capture Image feature for drivers to send back PODs, damage photos, or any other images directly into the ArcFleet software. Images will be automatically attached to their associated orders
  • ArcFleet load status will be automatically updated along with ArcTrac Mobile & Web Customer Tracking
  • Dispatchers will receive an ArcMail message with updates that have been received from drivers
screenshot of mobile driver app pick and drop list Driver Functionality

The driver portion of the mobile application will provide dispatchers with the ability to send trip details from the ArcFleet Software directly to the Mobile Driver App. The driver will be provided with a login and password. Displayed information includes detailed pick-up and delivery information, load items, any notes associated with the order being viewed and a link to online mapping functions. Arrived and departed buttons allow the driver to confirm pick-up and delivery times sending data automatically to the ArcFleet software. The Capture image button will allow the driver to take a photo of the POD, damage or any other relevant image. This image will be automatically sent to ArcFleet and associated to the order in the system.

screenshot of mobile driver app pick or drop info

Dispatcher Functionality

The dispatcher will create the trips in the ArcFleet software. Upon assigning the driver to a trip, detailed trip information will be sent to the driver mobile app and available to the assigned driver. When the driver has clicked on the Arrived and Departed Buttons; the mobile app will send data automatically to the ArcFleet software. Once loaded and unloaded, the order status will be automatically updated in ArcFleet. Upon information being returned to ArcFleet, an ArcMail message will be created to inform the dispatcher of recent load updates.


The customers will be able to view real time updates on both the ArcTrac Mobile and Website Customer Tracking Modules.

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